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Karl Marx and Obama 马克思与奥巴马


Thursday, August 5, 2010

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Karl Marx and Obama


(Lev Navrozov emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1972. His columns are today read in both English and Russian. To learn more about Mr. Navrozov's work with the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies.)

Karl Marx was born in 1818. After having graduated from school, he was sent by his father to a university to become a lawyer. Later he made a discovery owing to which the word "Marxism" became one of the most common words of the two centuries.

In his Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts (1844), the 26-year-old Marx made the following conclusion:

The worker becomes all the poorer the more wealth he
produces — the more his production increases in power and range.

In Vol.1 of his Capital (published in 1867), Marx explained that the "deficient money" was paid by capitalists, who thus profited more and more from the whole process of production and sale at the expense of their victim: the worker.

Today most citizens of Western Europe recall Karl Marx as an idiot, fortunately long forgotten by many West Europeans. When Karl Marx was fashionable in Western Europe, some West Europeans considered him the "greatest thinker" on earth. His utopian socialist theory was tried (e.g., in Soviet Russia) and proved to be destructive and deadly to the country: it led to the destruction of the country's economic structure, loss of free enterprise, loss of personal freedoms, impoverishment of the people, political repressions, and eventually ended up in usurpation of power by dictatorship. What about the United States?

Obama, as we all know, a proponent of Marxist socialist ideology, was elected the U.S. president on the basis of his seemingly bold, new ideas, actually rooted in those old-fashioned, hackneyed, long discredited Marxist socialist platitudes. I believe that Karl Marx could have enjoyed a similar triumph in the United States. A majority of those who voted for Obama might have known nothing about the future actual repercussions from the choice they were making.

Two views are possible on the successful production of goods and the sales of goods and services: these are due either to the owners' managerial skills and entrepreneurship or to their ability to rob the workers! During his presidential campaign, Obama passionately appealed to the Americans to remind them that they were being robbed and how bitterly unfair their lives were. Obama promised to bring about the universal opulence, the Change. He excited the crowds by asking them if they could bring about the Change, and the resounding answer was "Yes, we can!" I honestly hope that the voters will be better equipped intellectually in choosing their next president.

On Nov. 9, 2008, The Daily News came out with this announcement: "Obama says he'll tax the rich, roll back Bush's cuts for the rich, and will aid the middle class."

This sentence from the News Busters of Sept. 24, 2009, may also help to understand the situation: "Almost 90% of Americans Think Media Helped Get Obama Elected."

Let us now analyze the success of Obama's presidential election.

Every country has a certain number of citizens who are preoccupied with their private lives. There are those who are disillusioned with the way things are in general. Some are lonely or unhappy in their personal lives. That stratum of the population was traditionally overlooked. Obama, however, demonstrated that this stratum is significantly large, cannot be ignored, and can vote for him, together with those who for one reason or another hoped he would put an end to the U.S. military involvement in Iraq, and there would be no wars.

What is the attitude of a sufficiently intelligent American? Such as my reader, a Security Account Manager in Seattle City Hall & Justice Center. The first paragraph of his e-mail to me of May 3, 2010, reads as follows:

Dear Sir,

I have been reading your columns for some time now and agree with you on many issues, not the least of which is the intelligence of the American electorate. I believe it was a Fox News commentator that sent a crew to Harlem, N.Y., to ask people on the street, what they thought of Obama's policies. The catch to this scenario is that they attributed John McCain's policies to Obama, and what do you suppose was the result? More than a few citizens had high praise for Mr. Obama's policies even though they were Mr. McCain's policies. Facts and the truth matter little to a large portion of the American electorate.

Any conclusions? Obama was supported by a majority of voters because those voters had been hoping to obtain a new and better life instead of "exploitation," "oppression," "racial discrimination," and other "evils of capitalism."

However, time has come for Americans to realize that Obama's eloquent rhetoric and empty promises during his presidential campaign had only one aim: to win the election. His utopian Marxist socialist beliefs have not worked in this country of free enterprise. He failed to create jobs; he did not stop the inflation; and his national health care reform turned out to be disastrous. In short, his Marxist socialist philosophy, according to which he would bring about the "new America," which would be more attractive and sensitive to those disillusioned with their personal lives, disastrously failed and is hurting the country.

But short of his cheap passionate rhetoric and unfulfilled promises, after having been elected and now residing in the White House, Obama certainly managed to show how frivolous the world is, how easy it is to excite and manipulate the voters by making empty promises, with the only purpose to achieve his, Obama's, personal goal. Obama's love for China and the creation of the "U.S. friendship with China" are also personal. He enjoyed his trip to China, where he rushed to see his junior brother, who had come to live there. Under the Obama's "leadership," the United States keeps borrowing more and more money from China while dastardly ignoring the mortal danger coming from China, his dear "friend."


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