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民族主义的丑陋与邪恶 The Evil of Nationalism (China's "People Racism")

Duke student Grace Wang and Chinese nationalist mobs 王千源与中国愤青


The Evil of Nationalism (China's "People Racism")

价值一语: Words of Value:
What is evil? -- Whatever springs from weakness. --- Frederich Wilhelm Nietzsche

什么是邪恶? 邪恶就是那些由于我们的怯懦与软弱而滋生出来的一切。 --- Frederich Wilhelm Nietzsche


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 9/30/2011)

I have been thinking about this topic for a long time and I think it is time for me to say something about "Nationalism" - "民族主义"(People Racism as it is called in China)。

民族主义(People Racism): There is no such term in English. The closest to it is "Nationalism", based on the term Nation. But Nation means 国家。 Nationalism should mean "国家主义”。 民族 is a Chinese invention which means "People Race", aimed at legitimizing the Chinese regime which governs a country composed of many racial/ethnic groups.

“种族主义” (Racism), has been rejected world-wide and therefore has a bad name. So the Chinese decide to put a term "people' in it so it sounds better, just as everything in a Communist nation has a title "people" in it, ie. People's Republic, People's Daily, People's Congress, etc.

"民" (people), has long become a value laden term in China's communist regime. No matter what, everything that has a "people" above it must be good and right. So by this logic, putting a "people" before "racism" makes "Racism" sound legitimate. Using "民”to suppress "人“ (Using people to suppress humans), "以民压人", has long been a Chinese tradition. And using "people" combined with "race" is even more effective to suppress humanity in China.

All the Chinese morals and ethics stops at the border of China, all the righteousness of Chinese people somehow starts with their skin color (race) and their culture (people). I have never seen a passionate Chinese with individual dignity and integrity. I have forever seen paranoid and pathelogical Chinese when they see their National Flag and hear their National Anthem.

Many of my so called anti-communist friends and colleagues somehow all sided with the Communist regime when the matters such as the Hainai "airplane collision incident", the US mistakenly bombing the Chinese embassy, the matter of Japan joining the UN security council, demanding Japanese apology... etc. arise. Somehow they are all too willing to act as "义和团“,Boxers in the 19th century, though they hate the regime, they are willing to support it when facing a foreign country and foreigners in general. I have broken off with quite a few of my so called "friends" for I have failed to see that there is a common ground of humanity and decency between us.

The pathology extends to the degree that the Chinese are willing to tolerate Mao and the Communist regime when they have killed 80 million Chinese. Because of fear and a twisted moral code, the Chinese are invariably turn a blind eye to the atrocities and murderous mayhem committed by the Chinese government and regimes. They just bury their heads in the sand when the atrocity happens, playing their Majiang, exercising with their "Taichi", drinking their tea and hiding in their huts... But when there is some done by a foreigner to a Chinese, such as a mistreatment of a border patrol officer in Canada over a misunderstanding by a Chinese tourist, or some Japanese schools omit the Japanese war crimes.., the Chinese turn berserc, and they somehow are outraged to see a neighbor's kid pissing on their fence but keep their silence when their parents are raping their children, or committed family incest, or murdering their own for nothing.

The pathology of the Chinese "民族主义”, Chinese Nationalism, is now the main reason why the Communist regime stays in power. Communism itself has become somehow irrelevent even in a Communist society. It is this pathological "Nationalism" and a mysterious "Socialism" now that sustain China and the Chinese Communist Party. Putting nationalism and socialism together, you get "National Socialism" - "Nazism". This is exactly what is happening now, much as what was happening during WWII in Germany. A Nationalist ferver combined with Socialism doctrine gave rise to Hitler and Racist Nazi Regime.

This is exactly what is happening now in the Chinese Psyche and mindset. Chinese Nationalism has long become the shield and foundation for the post Mao communist regime. Dominating Asians and Asia, conquering Taiwan, challenging America and Western democracies and institutions, enslaving their own population's mind and heart, prolonging the life of a repressive regime, propagating a Chinese style Nazism based on the despotic Chinese tradition and culture, corrupting the souls and minds of millions of Chinese and making them nothing but the tools, soldiers, slaves and sacrifices on the Communist "Big Family's Altar"..., have all become the National agenda for the Chinese regime.

Ironically, the Chinese, due to their language, culture, social and political up-bringings, are blind to where they are heading. In their own mind, they are building a "Great Chinese Nation". They equate "China rising" with "Evil rising", for they have no moral absolute. Everything is relative to them, relative to Power, no matter if it is morality, value, culture, nation, human beings, life, truth, liberty, justice... The Chinese see it all in a relative term. Only "power" is absolute and they believe so: "Whoever wins is the King. Whoever loses are the bandits." The Chinese believe the world is revolving around only one thing "Absolute Power of the Collective over the Individuals" and "Absolute Power of the Strong over the Weak". This is their moral foundation. In this world, only "Them vs. Us", "Strong vs. Weak", "China vs. Foreigners" exist as their moral doctrine.

Trampling on individuals, on individual freedom and rights, on individual interests and happiness is considered legitimate all in the name of perserving the "Chinese Nation", the Chinese culture, the Chinese "people race" "民族“. Everyone of the Chinese is nothing and in jeopody of being sacrificed against his or her will, for "民族” is the only dictator to judge their worth and decide their fate. And the Chinese culture has been established to educate and propagate this "民族主义“so everyone should be willing to sacrifice their lives for this Nation, this Culture, this Tradition, this Authority, this Collective. The narcotics of Chinese "民族主义”has been purified for thousands of years, and its potency is unprecedented.

Even in this forum, I have witnessed and sensed tremondous effect of "Nationalist Narcotics" and its poisonous effect. People are unwilling and unable to judge what is right and wrong, good and evil, truth or falsehood by themselves, by their own individual conscience, by their own individual values. They tie themselves on the war-machine of Chinese Nation hijacked perpetually by Chinese despotism, so they can feel a little sense of moral certainty. As individuals, their lives somehow have no meaning, but as Chinese, they will always be proud. Pity.

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