Friday, November 18, 2011

从活熊取胆汁到活人取器官-吃人奴役文化的必然 From Bear Farm to Organ Harvesting

China's cruel bear farms 中国的活熊取胆汁


From Bear Farm to Organ Harvesting

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

从活熊取胆汁,到活兽剥皮,到猴头大宴,到笼鸟取乐、、、 吃人奴役的文化一直被中国人不以为耻,反以为荣地认为那是中国文化不同于西方文化的特殊性。 他们不知道这种认识正是他们一直受辱做奴的根源,正是他们永远脱离不了“人吃人”的文化的基点原因。 吃人,受辱,忠国,做奴的伪道德早已成为中国人们自我认同的主要成分。

From bear farms to skinning wild animals alive, from monkey brain banquet to caged birds as entertainment..., man-eating slave culture has long become a source of not a shame, but a pride for the Chinese. They often brag that this is the Chinese cultural difference from that of the West. They have yet to realize that it is indeed this fake pride that dooms the Chinese into the abyss of despotism and slavery, that indeed it is this fake pride that dooms the Chinese into an eternal "man-eating" dynastic cycle. A zombie-like, blood-sucking slave loyal only to the institution of state-slavery has long been the essential identity for most Chinese.


Dear Visitors:

Have you thought about the roots of the Chinese despotism and why it has lasted so long?

For those who refuse to admit the Chinese culture is essentially evil, I want to ask you this question: "Why does a good culture, as you claim Chinese culture is, always eliminate good people and retain bad people via a vicious cultural selection process??" If the Chinese culture is as good as you claim, why are you unable to return to your homeland? Why do those who remain on the mainland of China lack essential moral fibers a normal human being should have? Why do the Chinese dynasties, including the current communist dynasty, decline one after another, year after year? Why does the Chinese society keep deteriorating to today's state composed of only zombies? Why are the Chinese unable to escape from the traps set up by their own ancestors?

Unless you honestly answer those questions, you will not truly understand yourself, and you will not understand the necessary connection between the first Qin Emperor and Mao, between the old-man dominated Chinese family and despotic tyranny in China, between monkey brain banquet and man-eating-man in society, between bear bile farming and human organ harvesting.... Only truth shall set you free
. Unless you search honestly for the truth, you will never lift yourself above an evil culture of slavery. Unless you honestly face your own demon in your own heart and mind, you will never progress out of the seemingly interminable Chinese dynasties.  

My best wishes to you all. Kai Chen 陈凯

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