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陈凯再版/形象汉字vs.抽象英文 Pictorial/Syllabic Chinese vs. Alphabetic/Analytical English

Hacienda La Puente School District "Confucius Classroom" Chinese language program promoted by China's communist regime 中共党奴朝在美与全球推广汉语的阴险技伎俩

The Writing on the Wall - How Asian Orthography Curbs Creativity 书/“显而易见” - 东方象形单音节文字语言对创造力的危/损害

陈凯博客: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

形象汉字vs.抽象英文(中英文)Pictorial/Syllabic Chinese vs. Alphabetic/Analytical English

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

你能用形象图画语言准确表达实质抽象概念吗? 你能用主观表述语言做工具去发现与分析在抽象中的客观真理吗? 你能用浑浊的字词句(黄河浊流)去理清概念洗涤你头脑中的文化污浊与污染吗? 你能用破坏逻辑的语言去建树一个创造性的未来吗? 你能用虚无的语言去表达真实的人的存在吗? 如果你的回答是否定的,那请你现在就进入英文世界而只将中文作为你业余的艺术爱好。 

Can you use a pictorial syllabic language to accurately express substantial, abstract ideas and concepts? Can you use a subjective, descriptive language as a tool to analyze phenomena and discover the objective truth in them? Can you use the muddy, confusing characters, phrases and sentences (muddy water in the Yellow River) to cleanse the filth and decay accumulated in your mind and spirit through hundreds of years of cultural pollution? Can you use a language that is intended to destroy logic and rationality to attempt to build a constructive and creative future? Can you use a nihilistic language to depict reality and search for truth in human existence?

If your answer is negative, then please make no excuses to abolish the Chinese language as a tool and indulge in it only as your artistic hobby. And please make an effort to enter the English world as soon as you can.  
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By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 11/4/2007, Reprint 4/19/2011)

I have elaborated quite a bit on the subject of harmful effect from using Chinese character-based, pictorial, syllabic language as a tool in human endeavors to understand the reality in the world and discover the objective truth in life. I now list the contrasting effect between Chinese and English. Hopefully this will make things easier and clearer for you to understand.

汉字 -- “礼”; 英文 -- 理

Chinese language leads to Confucian cultural pollution of "Ritualized Conformity". English language facilitates reasoning, logic and understanding of essence in reality/truth.

汉字 -- 表象形象(脸); 英文 -- 实质抽象(自知)

Chinese language is primitive and based on superficial and pictorial images (Face is the most important notion to the Chinese). English is based on abstract symbols and intended for the user to discover abstract truth in reality, to understand his own inner world/soul/mind/emotions.

汉字 -- 模仿描述; 英文 -- 分析创造

Chinese language emphasizes imitation, inheritance, copying and description. English language stresses analysis, creativity and intrinsic logic and rationality in understanding phenomena in existence.

汉字 -- 血肉存活; 英文 -- 灵理存在

Chinese language leads to a nihilistic "passing time" for humans' illusory and delusional existence. English language advocates a true, meaningful human existence based on mind, spirit, joy and happiness.

汉字 -- 非人反人; 英文 -- “人”至上

Chinese language leads to a culture of inhumanity and anti-humanity by ritualizing "nation family", "emperor", government and authorities as the sacred entities and humans only as meaningless subjects and slaves that can be used and sacrificed any time in any way to preserve those oppressive/nihilistic entities. English language spiritualizes humans as the ultimate existence that is both sacred and eternal, and all other entities (nation, leaders, government, cultures and authorities) are only subservient as servants of/to humans.

汉字 -- 等级专制; 英文 -- 自由平等

Chinese language facilitates a system that is hierarchical and despotic. English language propagates a system that values freedom and equality before our creator/God.

汉字 -- 混乱与人吃人; 英文 -- 法律与秩序

Chinese language leads to an absolute chaos in society and vicious/eternal dynastic cycles of man eating man. English language guides humans along a moral line to progress, social order and rule of law.

Am I clear enough?


Video Program by Coral Ridge Ministries/John Rabe

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Video Transcript:
John Rabe:

Would you send your children to the Chinese Communist Party for indoctrination sessions? A dictatorial regime, born out of centuries of despotism, is hardly the most-sought-after role model for American children. Yet, a California school board has voted to import instructors from China to implement a controversial new program.

Cedarlane Middle School in Hacienda Heights, California, plans to offer a “Confusius Classroom,” supposedly at no cost to the district. But opponents maintain that there are plenty of negative costs to implementing Chinese-government sponsored propaganda.

Chinese immigrant and anti-communist activist Kai Chen says that, “Confucianism is the foundation of Chinese despotism for 2,000 years. The combination of Chinese despotism and modern communism forms a most poisonous brew...”

Chen says that Confucianism, which has formed the basis for millennia of emperor-rule in China, has become a virtual missionary and evangelistic ideology, with Confucius Classroom programs in 87 nations.

Teaching the truth—that America was founded as one nation under God, with the state subject to Him and our rights granted only by Him—can now land you in court in some places. In a time when the basic truths about our country are virtually illegal, it’s unthinkable to import Chinese ideology, which has never produced freedom, into American classrooms.


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