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Atlas Shrugged Fans Shock Theater Chains “无奈大力神”赋税日登场

America and "Atlas Shrugged" “无奈大力神”与美国精神

Atlas Shrugged Movie Scene: Dagny Confronts the Union 戴戈妮斥责工会


陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:

“无奈大力神”是安. 兰德的代表作,也是美国自由精神的代表作。 独立制作商越过好莱坞左魔的阻拦在4/15/2011将此影片的第一部(共三部)在全美各主要影市上映是美国精神的重大胜利。 我呼吁所有热爱自由的华语系人们踊跃观看。

"Atlas Shrugged" is Ayn Rand's novel that best represents her ideal of freedom, individualism and capitalism - the essence of Americanism. Having overcome the obstacles and cynicism from liberal leftist Hollywood, the opening of "Atlas Shrugged" is a great triumph of American spirit. Here I only call upon those in America who love freedom to view this film on April 15, 2011.


Atlas Shrugged Fans Shock Theater Chains

Posted on April 2, 2011 1:21 pm
UTC by Hans Schantz

Press release from The Strike Productions…

Theater chains inundated with requests from fans. Producers look to expand to more than 80 Cities.

CULVER CITY, Calif., April 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/

— Based on the film’s recent fan-based grassroots uprising, “The Strike” Productions today announced it will be expanding the initial release of the Atlas Shrugged movie from 11 markets to over 50.

“AMC called directly to report their online contact system was being hit too hard. They requested we direct traffic to a specific address just to handle the volume,” said producer Harmon Kaslow.

“While it’s unusual for showtimes to be listed this early, the doors of the exhibitors have been thoroughly beaten down by Ayn’s fans. Many of the theaters are now posting showtimes so tickets can be pre-purchased,” continued Kaslow. “And, theaters and showtimes are now being reported as sold-out.” lists the 7:00pm showing at Regal Cinema’s Union Square Theater in New York City as “sold out.”

“Our online ‘Demand Atlas!’ service has been receiving an incredible amount of traffic since launch,” said Scott DeSapio, Online Marketing Director of the film. “After toping the charts at another web site as the ‘Hottest Demand Worldwide’ for more than a week, we decided to build our own in-house ‘Demand Atlas!’ feature to better service Ayn Rand fans. We’re completely blown away by the response.”

“Our fans have spoken, and we have directed our booking agents to expand the release of Atlas Shrugged into the major theaters located in more than 80 cities across America,” announced Kaslow. ”Of course, until we’re locked down, fans still need to let us know where the movie should play by coming to our website and demanding Atlas to their city.”

“As a direct result of fans in Atlanta demanding Atlas, we immediately set about booking a theater. The current report is that the theater is already sold out for a number of shows on Friday, April 15, 2011 – opening day. We couldn’t be more excited.” concluded Kaslow.

For up to date theater information, visit

Fans can “Demand Atlas!” at

About “The Strike” Productions:

“The Strike” Productions, Inc. was established as a new production company for the sole purpose of producing a trilogy of films based on Ayn Rand’s epic novel, “Atlas Shrugged.” For more information, visit

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