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Kai Chen/Purge Socialism from Your Heart and Soul 陈凯DVD网评“社会主义的危胁”

Kai Chen/Purge Socialism from Your Heart and Soul

A brief review of Coral Ridge Ministries’ special program “Socialism – a Clear and Present Danger”


By Kai Chen 5/27/10

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After I reviewed the special program by Coral Ridge Ministries - “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger” in which an interview of me is a part, I feel compelled to recommend this very informative and very inspiring program to all the freedom-loving Americans.

Freedom-loving Americans? Sounds redundant, like a misnomer, doesn’t it? I used to think all Americans love freedom. They should all love freedom, in my understanding at least, just to be “American”. But after Obama was elected into the White House, I reexamined my view according to this new-found reality: Indeed there are some Americans who yearn for despotism, tyranny and state/governmental-slavery, with their ignorance, greed for power and a defective tendency to excuse their own pathological, irrational and soulless behaviors. They will do just about anything to escape their own individual responsibilities. They search hard for an easy way out of their own misery through some spiritual narcotics such as socialism/communism to find that illusory mirage - “heaven on earth”. (If by now you have not grasped what I mean, just listen again to John Lennon’s “Imagine”.)

I visited Zambia last summer. My daughter Alex is currently serving as a member in the Peace Corps there. Though Zambia is a country heavily influenced by Christianity with churches dotted throughout the landscape, in the village my daughter dwells I sensed tremendous amount of collectivist/socialist mentality – no one, by the constraints of traditional norms and mores, is allowed to get ahead by his own labor/hard work, talent, and ingenuity. Indeed as Winston Churchill pointed out: “Capitalism is an unequal distribution of wealth. And socialism is an equal distribution of poverty.” The compelling illustration of the experiments (in “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger) conducted by “Amigos for Christ” in Nicaragua shows how socialistic mentality always brings misery and disasters while free market approach with its inherent principle of individual responsibility always channels human beings’ energy toward more constructive purposes and prosperity. I will certainly introduce this great video program to my daughter Alex in her determination and effort to make a positive change for the village people. I wonder how successful she will be to introduce the free market principles into a traditional culture bent toward socialism and collectivism. It is not going to be easy. That’s for sure.

“Socialism presumes that human nature is good, and it is only the social and economic environment that makes people do bad things.” Unfortunately traditional Chinese cultural mindset assumes the same, so the Chinese always yearn for an omnipotent savior in the government/emperors. China went communist, not just because Mao forced himself by the muzzles of guns to get his way. There has always been a deep-seated collectivistic despotism in the Chinese culture, with the same presumption that human nature is basically good. The Chinese people must bear the responsibility and blame for yearning for a God-like savior to save them from the bitter sea in the first place. The Chinese people must change their cultural and habitual presumptions and tendencies to escape from their own individual responsibilities as unique human beings created only by God, not by their government, not by their ancestors or their social and cultural environment, if they ever want to be and will be free.

Christianity corrects this fundamental error in human misjudgment of his own nature. Christianity establishes that human beings must be aware of their own nature as a fallible and imperfect one. Based on this accurate depiction of human nature, Christianity educates mankind to beware of its own imperfect beginning, and to establish human societies with a government controlled by checks and balances within itself, a government limited in scope and functions by a constitution that guarantees all fundamental rights to individual human beings – not to any collective or any governmental institutions. A nation with a government under God (not a government as God, not a government above God,) is a nation that is congruent with the natural law by which individual human being can truly find happiness and fulfillment.

If we say that Christianity is diametrically opposed to socialism, we must recognize Christianity is the philosophical and religious foundation on which modern societies have established themselves, with their indispensible and irreplaceable capitalism and free market institutions. Too bad in China today all the Christian churches are perverted to have become the tools and cronies of the communist regime. Can you truly trust a God that is ordered around by a communist government? As Obama starts to emulate the Chinese communist regime in using faith-based institutions and churches to implement his socialist “heaven on earth”, I advice all Americans to reexamine their own souls and ask themselves this simple question:

What does being an American truly mean?

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