Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Invitation to Review Confucius School Material 邀请公众审查孔课堂教材

Invitation to Review Confucius School Material


Dear all:

Public review of Confucius Classroom material. Reporters are welcome.

Time: Friday 5/21/2010, 1:00 pm. Address: 15959 East Gale Ave. City of Industry, CA 91745

My friend Teresa and I have just reviewed the material for the Confucius Classroom program in Hacienda La Puente school district. Everything is as what I have expected -- the material is laden with poisons, deceptions, lies:

1. Against what the Chinese government claims, the "Hanban" is never a NGO. Stated clearly in Chinese on some of the books, "Hanban" claims to be a government organization directly under the communist control.

2. In quite a few books provided, the introduction clears states the Chinese Communist Youth League is behind the production of the material with the help from Chinese Consulate General in the US.

3. In the Chinese dictionary, the word "Morality" in Chinese has a communist definition: Morality is a principle according to social and economic classes.

4. In many of the stories, ancient Chinese folklore, formed expressions, etc..., worship of power, deception, manipulation of human relations without any moral principles are being blatantly taught. For example, there is a formed expression that "the meek is to be stepped upon" and "strong will take over". Remember what Christianity is teaching us: The meek shall inherit the earth. Opposing view of the world, isn't it?! (No wonder the Chinese follow Mao to worship political power only from muzzles of guns. Do you want your kids to do the same?)

The poison such as this is everywhere in the material. But if you don't speak and read Chinese, you will never know, for the Chinese version and English version are totally different. So the deception continues. The English speakers and readers will not detect the problem easily. I cordially invite you to please join me this Friday at 1:00 pm in the above address. I will explain what is exactly in the material.

Thanks for your attention. Best. Kai Chen

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Anonymous said...

Michael Buzz NoeMay 25, 2010 at 12:15pm
Subject: Great Job on Fox News This Morning

Great job on Fox News this morning! I looked you up after your appearance and read your bio and excerpts from your book and I was very impressed. You are what makes America great, and people like you will make China great! We need more people like you speaking out in America against communism everywhere, that is for sure.

God bless you!


Michael Noe

Bailey, CO.