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Comments on Anita Dunn and Nixon Library 奥巴马/尼克松与崇毛症

Comments on Anita Dunn and Nixon Library 奥巴马/尼克松与崇毛症


These comments show you the extent of communist pollution upon American political cultural landscape. Then you know why I did what I did. I think I have succeeded quite handsomely in exposing the contradictions between American principles and American behaviors.

Best. Kai Chen



You might say the same of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, George W Bush all were admirers of Mao. Nixon even personally picked out the statue of Mao that currently sits in the Nixon Presidential Library.



Discuss the history...

Your accusations are boring and incorrect...but your inability to discuss the subject at hand in the thread is obvious...So...comments on Nixon's dealing with Mao and the statue that has been in the library for 20 years are welcome...

You, like Sgt Rock, seem to believe business with mass murderers is a wonderful diplomatic achievement, but quoting one is not. Be careful with this you might be surprised who has quoted Mao...


Feel free to discuss the shared commonality between the quotes offered in the actual comment, as opposed to the left out aspect in the article you provided.

Feel free to discuss Nixon's business with Mao...and the continued favored nation status bestowed by all US Presidents since 1980...and the current controversy surrounding the Mao statue in the Nixon Library...

Why do I have the feeling you will do none of this?



Nixon PRAISED Mao ..... Kissinger PRAISED Mao .... Conservative Pat Buchanan even warmed up to Mao and decided NOT to resign from Nixon's Administration. There is currently a statue of Mao at Nixon's Library. I have a hunch Beck does not know one thing about Mao & why Mao was so important - in a good way - to America & China & the world.


Mixed reactions to Mao

Where are the protests from Chinese-Americans? A few weeks ago, demonstrators gathered outside the Nixon Presidential Library to protest a statue of Mao.

The Orange County Register reported:

"Wearing T-shirts with the words 'Tiananmen Square' designed to look like blood dripping onto the words 'Beijing Olympics,' the protestors said having a statue of Mao in the library was like having a statue of Soviet leader Josef Stalin in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

" 'Mao was crueler than Stalin, crueler than Hitler,' said Kuo Chiang Fung. 'Would you have a statue of Hitler in the museum?' "

I am mystified by the proliferation of Mao-logoed clothing. I suspect some people may just not know what they are wearing or what it symbolizes. There are some reports, however, that Mao's popularity is "surging" in China.


The Chicago Tribune reported on the wave of Mao nostalgia sweeping over China:

"A wave of Mao nostalgia is sweeping through China, and it crests here in his birthplace, the village of Shaoshan (pop. 1,387). The Hunan province community -- a cross between Bethlehem and Mount Vernon, Va. -- is expected to draw a record 3.5 million visitors this year, most of them Chinese pilgrims paying homage to their late leader.

"Even on a weekday, the queue to get into the mud-brick farmhouse where Mao was born in 1893 is three people wide and snakes around to the front lawn.

" 'Business is better than ever,' said Mao Juxiang, 36, a sales clerk who stands behind a glass counter stocked with bronze busts ($85), snow globes ($7) and key chains ($4.25).

"Like many of the villagers, she claims common lineage with Mao, whom she credits for China's prosperity: 'We have a brilliant life because of Chairman Mao's ideas.' "

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