Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Kai Chen Speech: Communism in Mutation - The Threat of Confucian Communism to the Free World

Kai Chen Speech: 


Communism in Mutation - The Threat of Confucian Communism to the Free World

Kai Chen on Trump's Asian Trip:
Trump is falling into the Chinese trap. There is no other way to describe it.
Over the last 30 years, NK was the bait dangling in front of America and the West. Yet all the American Presidents since Reagan fell into the trap. Trump is no exception. Same MO.
Only Reagan realized the criminal and illegitimate nature of a communist regime and denounced it as such - an Evil Empire. With this moral clarity, down goes the USSR, because God's values/principles entered the picture, not just human schemes. Now we don't have anyone who can hold God's values/principles with moral clarity and conscience. So goes the American moral leadership in the world. So comes the Chinese Confucian Communism. So again the world is in the grip of totalitarianism and despotism. So the North Korea crisis.
What the evil is most afraid of is the exposing of its true nature - man eating. Yet time again, an American president goes to an evil regime to pay homage to the murderers of Tiananmen and Liu Xiaobo (the Nobel Peace Prize winner). When is America going to wake up and realize all the Chinese evil regime wants from America is to use North Korea to legitimize itself and erase all the criminal record in its past - 80 million killed by Mao and more killed after Mao with all the atrocities - "one child", Tiananmen Massacre, persecution of FLG and dissidents, persecution of Christians and minorities....? Indeed, China desperately needs America's recognition of its own criminal regime's nonexistent legitimacy. Trump is giving it to an evil regime, without questions asked. God's endowed conscience among the Chinese people and the world is weeping.

When will an American president announce with conscience and God's moral compass as his guide: Enough is enough, China's Confucian Communism is evil and must be denounced and defeated?

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