Tuesday, September 17, 2013

是谁创立了美国的工业奇迹 The Men Who Built America

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陈凯 按: Kai Chen's Words: 

究竟是谁创立了美国的经济与工业奇迹? 是所谓的人民大众吗, 如马克思主义者们所信? 是政府吗,如美国与西方的左派们所信? 还是那些有勇气、有眼光、有想象力与创造力的企业家与发明家们,那些独特的与自由的个体?  我在这里向各位介绍一部系列纪录片“是谁创立了美国的工业奇迹?The Men Who Built America".  望人们深思。 

洛克菲勒的铭言: “我坚信个体价值的至高无上。” 
Who exactly built America?  Is it "the people" as the Marxists assert?  Is it "the government" as the Western leftists asserts?  Or it is the individuals who has the courage, the vision, the creativity, the ambition and the drive to start from nothing and build an economic miracle. 

As J. D Rockefeller put it succinctly:  "I believe in the supreme worth of the individual." 

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