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陈凯再版/日本天皇的起码人性 Japan's Emperor's Basic Humanity - Unconditional Surrender

Japanese Sign Final Surrender 日本天皇宣布无条件投降


Japan's Emperor's Basic Humanity - Unconditional Surrender

中共党奴朝的官员们: 请效仿日本天皇的榜样: 用你们仅存的人性与良知,向自由世界宣布你们的“无条件投降”。
Chinese Party-Dynasty's Officials: Please emulate the Japanese Emperor during WWII - Declare your unconditional surrender to the Free World.

价值一语: Words of Value:

There is nothing evil save that which perverts the mind and shackles the conscience. --- St. Ambrose: Hexaem

邪恶就是那些腐蚀我们头脑与奴役我们良知的东西。 --- St. Ambrose: Hexaem


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 5/31/2006, Reprint 9/28/2011)

Recently the Chinese party-state has tried to use the Chinese anti-Japanese emotions left since WWII, to solidify their control of the population, and to legitimize their illegitimate regime. Many Chinese, morally confused and intellectually dishonest, followed the call of the Chinese authority. They smashed Japanese businesses, boycotted Japanese products, humniliated and beat Japanese tourists... I think if today the Communists want to fight a war with Japan, many would join.

What the self-righteous Chinese fail to see is even the Japanese Emperor Hirohito during WWII had had more moral courage and more humanity than the Chinese ever had in their history -- He, against many militants of the time in his own country, declared "Unconditional Surrender" to the free world. And more, he accepted the occupying American troops and their authorities over him to reform the country's institutions and culture, allowing the establishment of democratic institutions, granting women's rights to vote, renouncing the past evils and policies... Indeed the Japanese Emperor had committed war crime against humanity, but his final act was human and humane indeed.

Contrast to what the Chinese authorities did to their own people along the dehumanizing Chinese history, Emperor Hirohito accepted the fact of defeat and admitted his own evil and crime. His final moral courage and humane action to declare Unconditional Surrender had saved many lives.

Mao had openly declared that he would sacrifice half of China's population to acquire world domination. He and the likes such as Hitler, Stalin would never have a shred of basic decency and humanity of human beings. They would never, as Hitler demonstrated by his own suicide, have the common sense as Hirorito did. Some of the Chinese officials in the military have already declared they would fight a nuclear war with the US if America is to intervene in the Taiwan's defense against mainland invasion. Other high-ranking Chinese government officials also indicate that if the Communist Party is to be ousted or collapsed, they will tie all the Chinese people as human hostages on their way to hell. They will not hesitate to start wars with other nations and civil wars with their opponents. They will be just like Hitler, committing suicide and along the way killing millions upon millions of innocent people.

Those insane Chinese nationalists and nation-lovers will eventually side with the Communist scheme of suicidal wars against others and the freeworld. They will be the modern day Boxers 义和团 to support the evil government against the inevitable destruction of the despotic regime.

I here want to call upon those who, though already had committed atrosities and crimes against humanity, have still had a shred of humanity left in them, to follow the example of Emperor Hirohito, in their final act of repentence, declare "Unconditional Surrender" to the people of the free world.

Your days are numbered, the Communist butchers and tormentors: No matter how much you want your evil regime and culture to last, you are nearing your end!

请效仿日本天皇的榜样: 用你们仅存的人性与良知,向自由世界宣布你们的“无条件投降”。

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