Friday, December 25, 2009

Ramifications of U.S.-China peace 'partner'ship for the future of Homo sapiens 中共国将统治无核世界

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

If Obama's nuclear-free world truly comes into being, China will dominate mankind on earth with its cruel slave culture and vast slave man-power. The stupidity of Obama's utopian illusion will lead to the end of the free world as we know it. --- Kai Chen

如果奥巴马的无核世界幻梦真的实现了,中共国将用它的非人的奴文化与众多的“华奴”主宰世界。 奥巴马左派的乌托邦幻梦,说到底,就是自由世界与自由人的噩梦。 --- 陈凯

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ramifications of U.S.-China peace 'partner'ship for the future of Homo sapiens 中共国将统治无核世界

Lev Navrozov emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1972. His columns are today read in both English and Russian. To learn more about Mr. Navrozov's work with the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here.

Obama has even planned an agreement under which the countries possessing nuclear weapons would get rid of them. But it is not for nothing that he has regarded as "partners" the slave state of China and the United States.

Anyway, on September 23, 2009, Asia Pacific News came out with a big headline: "China Calls for World Without Nuclear Weapons."

The nuclear disarmament session of the UN Security Council was "to be presided over by Obama," while "China's President Hu Jintao" addressed the UN General Assembly, and reiterated Beijing's call for a complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons."

Very advanced! But what about torture to death applied for all the world to know to those Chinese who dared to play their pantomimes, ascending to Zen Buddhism, that is, "Chinese Buddhism," and becoming known in contemporary China as Falun Gong?

"Turning to critics of China's record on ethnic and human rights and religion issues, Hu called for tolerance in society." "We should acknowledge differences in cultural tradition, social system and values and respect the right of all countries to independently choose their development paths."

Of course! Nuclear bombs destroy property, buildings, etc. But General Chi explained that from one-third to two-thirds of the American population would be destroyed chemically and biologically. Hence the American cities will be able to receive their new Chinese dwellers, who are racially superior to the Americans, one-third to two-thirds of whom are to be killed chemically or biologically.

Besides, slavery instead of human rights for the Chinese in the post-1949 China is not only "their development path," but the path of all slave states in history. Historically, there is nothing fundamentally new or different about the post-1949 China as compared with Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany.

Hu is against nuclear weapons? Not impossible! The stock of nuclear weapons in China is smaller than that in Russia or the United States.

If China uses its small stock on the United States or Russia, either country will use their vast stock of nuclear weapons on China and wipe it off the earth. On the other hand, it has been found that it takes 20 grams of super thermotoxic generic weapons to bring death to the 5.5 billion people, that is, the population of the globe.

Imagine what it will cost if nuclear weapons are used instead. Besides, nuclear weapons would destroy all that city property with which the China slave soldiers are to be rewarded.

The Western Europe, including even Hitler's Germany, evaded chemical and biological weapons! For China, they (and not nuclear weapons!) are the basis of the future war.

No doubt we witness a new era in the history of Europe and Eurasia for thousands of years. Listen how arrogant is Hu, China's owner or one of the owners. The rules of life in the slave state of China are determined strictly within the slave state and regardless of any rules of life outside it.

This slave state, whose population exceeds that of the United States more than four times, is developing a global armed force which can be at least four times more numerous and powerful than that of the United States. China also will have an especially powerful outer space force with which it will be able to attack the United States and Europe. In the nineteenth century, Britain defeated China in two wars and thus forced China to abolish its prohibition on buying opium. China used to be considered a militarily backward country due to its vast rural population. Now China, with its 1.330 billion people, threatens Europe, including Britain-and the United States!-precisely due to its more than four times larger population than that of the United States, and hence ultimately able to produce at least four times more developers and users of the latest weapons.

Chi Haotian showed in his speeches that China prefers chemical and biological weapons, whose production has been universally forbidden in the west for moral reasons. The owners of China want to attack the enemy human power rather than the enemy buildings. The latter can be used to accommodate the victorious Chinese slaves. On the other hand, Russia and the U.S. have more nuclear weapons than China. Their nuclear attack on China may lead to the devastation of the attacked country. The possibility of the exchange of such devastations may lead to world peace, but the owners of China are not after world peace-they are after the world Chinese empire.

WW3 may be as dynamic as were WW1 and WW2, but in terms of science and technology, WW1 and even WW2 would seem antediluvian.

What about the outcome? For the free countries, the defeat of the free world would mean death or slavery after martyrdom. History would have to begin anew. The ultimate result? Perhaps, there will be no return to anything humane, creative, great. The Chinese World Empire will bring death or slave afterlife to a free civilization, the only one known on our globe.

Much has been said and written in the West about the vanity of that part of a wealth which is beyond the use to its owner and/or his or her progeny. The vanity of power such as one owner's ownership of millions or billions of slaves is infinitely more vain, to say nothing about its subhuman cruelty. China's world slavery must be resisted by the free countries not only for the sake of their own future, but also for the future of Homo sapiens, as Human being has been known in the West since the fourteenth century.

To expect that the potential owners of the world will give up their drive for the globe for the sake of general wealth of mankind is more naïve than to expect that those whose income in a Western country is above 10 percent of the statistical average will distribute the 10-percent excess so that everyone's income would be strictly equal to everyone else's.


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