Saturday, January 5, 2013

千枫电视台再播“我的路” Re-broadcast of "My Way"

Re-broadcast of "My Way"

感谢千枫电视台的李茂玄先生再播“我的路” (制作人:赵枫  首播:新唐人电视台/2008年)
Thanks Mr. Samuel Lee of Thousand Maples TV Station for the re-broadcast of "My Way"  (Producer:  Fiona Zhao,  first broadcast on NTDTV, 2008)


我的路 -- 四集电视专访节目简介﹕ 陈凯专访 (NTDTV)

这是一个坚守尊严的无畏的人(陈凯)在心灵上从奴役走向自由的史诗,是一个人从痛苦绝望走向幸福欢乐的真实的故事。 希望每一个看了这个电视连续节目的人能从中找到自己的价值与勇气,无畏地付出代价去争得你的真实的自由与幸福.

Brief Introduction: This is a true story, a saga of a courageous individual and his arduous journey from slavery toward freedom, from misery toward happiness. I wish everyone who watches this program can pluck up your own courage, find your own values and pay the necessary price to achieve true happiness.

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