Sunday, December 23, 2012

中共党朝扩大利用孔学院在全球散布中国特色的专制理念 Chinese Regime Expanding Confucius Institutes around the World

Chinese Regime Expanding Confucius Institutes around the World

With China’s rise on the world stage, interest in the Chinese language and culture has also spiked. The Chinese regime has seized the opportunity to expand its soft power. Since 2005, these schools have been rolling out around the world.
There are now around 400 Confucius Institutes in 108 countries. But this week, organizers of the institutes say they’ve hit a bottleneck: teacher shortage.
A former professor from Shandong University says that’s because the Confucius Institutes are not purely for education. Hanban, the state-backed organization that oversees the schools, has close ties with United Front Work Department. It’s a Communist Party branch that garners support for the Communist Party from external groups.
[Sun Wenguang, Retired Shandong University Professor]:
“They set up Confucius Institutes and promote Confucius to embellish the party's communist ideology. They’re not always welcome overseas. As for the teacher shortage, those with real talent, aren’t interested in teaching there.”
Confucius Institutes are set up with foreign universities and schools—usually with a handsome amount of investment.
[Jin Chu, Guangxi Author]:
“The Chinese government gives a lot of cash to international schools to allow them to set up Confucius Institutes. They're trying to export communist culture. It’s a part of the Party’s propaganda plan.”
That aspect has come under close scrutiny. In March this year, this report was submitted to the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs. It cautioned against the institutes’ political objectives.
Those suspicions were fueled by clips like this—videos part of the teaching material, teaching US kids the Communist regime’s version of the Korean War.
During the 7th conference of the Confucius Institutes this week, senior Communist official Liu Yandong said the regime would continue to support the expansion of these institutes.

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