Monday, October 31, 2011

中国人的灵智在祖坟中早夭 Dying Before Birth in Ancestors' Graves

Chinese cruelty and torture for thousands of years “中国人”的残暴无人性是首屈一指的


陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:

最可悲与最可憎的事实是: 中国“人”的灵魂与智慧从他们一生下来的时候就已经在极度黑暗与腐朽的祖坟中默默的死去, 因为他们就出生在那充满毒素与败坏的祖坟里。 那些行尸走肉之人甚至并不察觉他们其实从生下来时就已经是一个灵智死亡的虚无。 ... 祖坟不扒,人无新生;祖坟不扒,“人”何自由?

The saddest and the most despicable fact is: In China when a person is born, his soul and mind start to die right away silently, for he is born into his ancestors' coffin, buried deep in the dark and decaying recess of a grave. Yet these zombies never realize that thoughout all their nihilistic lives, they have never had any soul and any mind.... Unless the rotten coffin has been smashed, the Chinese will never have a new birth and new life; unless the light of truth cuts through the darkness of the grave, the Chinese will never be set free.


Dying Before Birth in Ancestors' Graves

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 12/9/2006, Reprint 9/25/2011)

When I write to devastate the Chinese character-based syllabic language, the Chinese nihilistic culture and the Chinese despotic institutions, I know for sure most Chinese accuse me of digging my, and their ancestors' grave. And in China that is an unforgivable crime punishable by the worst torture imaginable. Yet I am not much concerned about the accusation or the hatred I have brought upon myself. I don't feel any guilt. I am only concerned about telling the truth as I see it. And the worst torture to me is never from others, but from my own conscience. And thus far, my conscience is clean.

As Christ's saying "only truth shall set you free", I am more concerned about being truthful and being free than being unpopular or being cursed to hell by some cultural drug addicts. Someone has to tell the Chinese that the emperor has never had any clothes on, never, no matter how many Chinese adore, in their drug-inflicted mind, all things Chinese. Someone has to let the Chinese know that they are only living in an illusion and fantasy, indulging themselves in dose after stronger dose of cultural and spiritual narcotics, not knowing their addiction is killing them and their children for the last two thousand years. They, the Chinese, have not waken up to this truth. But thank God I have waken up to it. And the awakening in my soul and mind is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel free. I am free, free at last.

I am free from my tortured past. I am free from my despotic and nihilistic culture. I am free from the chains and shackles of the Chinese character-based syllabic language. I am free from the insidious addiction of the spiritual narcotics my ancestors and the Chinese government forced upon me. I am free to explore a new life, a new world full of light, full of passion, full of love, full of creativity, full of joy and happiness, full of possibilities.

I want to share with those who still have a remnant of conscience left: Walk bravely forward, away from your ancestors' shackles, away from your false sense of security, away from your stupor, away from your addiction, away from all that oppress you from the day you were born. There is a whole new future, whole new world full of hope waiting for you ahead. Yet unless and until you free yourself from your ancestors' coffins and graves, unless and until you dig yourself out of the abyss, you will never reach it.

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