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Comments/Email from an American Writer 良知作家关于孔学堂的话


Comments/Email from an American Writer


Comment from Helen Sabin:

China does nothing that doesn’t benefit its politics, its governmental control of its people or its image. So why is it spending millions into promoting its Confucius Curriculum in the United States? Is it a desire to help Americans learn Chinese and the culture of China as is stated in the program advertising? No, says Kai Chen, an anti China activist, former Chinese basketball star, and author of One In A Billion: Journey Toward Freedom, who was forced to live under Communism. “China wants to infiltrate and teach communist thinking in America. Foolish Americans who ignore China’s history and abuse of its people, are allowing it.”

Chen was forcibly taken away from his parents when he was young. He had to live under harsh conditions as punishment for his parents who didn’t believe in Communism. He states that if American children are taught that China is a great place to live, work, and thrive without being told of its human rights abuses and taught about its true history and culture, they will be easy prey for China’s propaganda and its goal of world dominance.

China has done exquisite marketing of its program to schools and colleges all over the nation. Here is an example from the Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district in Texas.

The Chinese government has awarded the district $60,000, split between L.D. Bell and Trinity high schools, that will pay for the program expansion. The grants came as China designated the schools as Confucius Classrooms, beginning in the fall. "One-third of the world either speaks Hindi or Mandarin," Superintendent Gene Buinger said. "We feel by offering the Asian language we are giving students an edge. Students starting classes in the seventh grade who continue through high school will be sought after by colleges, corporations and government agencies,” Buinger stated. Money from the award will set up the two classrooms and help pay for instruction and materials. The classrooms will also receive 1,000 volumes of books, including audio and multimedia materials to help students learn the language, history and culture of China.

According to Chen, there are many Communist terms and ideas in just the Chinese dictionary alone as well as in the books and teaching materials. "Here is an example," he explains. “Have you ever seen the food chain, Mao’s Kitchen?” he asks. Chen laughs sadly at this ironic name for a restaurant. Consider that Mao, who is even today revered in China, and was glorified by Michele Obama by putting his picture on an ornament on the White House Christmas Tree, killed over 60 million of his own people! He starved many of them to death. The only thing the Chinese people were fed was Communism,” states Chen who remembers being punished and tormented in school, forced to live in freezing cold and not having enough to eat.

“Also consider that China is sending over ethnic Chinese whose salaries are being paid by China.” He proclaims. “They will promote these Communist ideas as they have lived under them for years. Their salaries and lives depend on doing so.” Apparently American schools that opt for the program are not permitted by the Chinese government to use American Chinese teachers! Not permitted? Instead, school districts are laying off American teachers to hire those from China! “That alone should be a red flag for all school districts,” stated Chen. These same Chinese teachers are not certificated and thus an American teacher needs to be in attendance during the lessons raising the cost of education for parents and taxpayers in the district. Chinese teachers are being hired while American teachers are being laid off! It seems that China has already made an impact on the jobs in America! What will it do to the children?

Helen Sabin


An Email to a Concerned Parent:

Linda - I am sorry to hear about this proceeding in your son's school. I also see that you are a writer - good for you. I will have to order your books and read them.

I had talked to Kai Chen about this curriculum as my paper has assigned me to do a year long series of articles on Education. I saw him on Fox and was fascinated to hear his story and about the curriculum.

This Communist government curriculum is like that of the other "international" curriculum, International Baccalaureate, I have been writing about and which is somewhat the same way in terms of the demand for time and the stress on the children. Some parents have pulled their children out of the program due to these factors.

What American parents don't realize is that the Chinese government is infiltrating our country at the level where they will be most effective - the children. Confucius is reported to have said, raise up your children in the way you want them to go and they will not stray from the path. Mao followed precepts of Confucius who thought women were only good for child bearing - they were not to be educated.

If American children are "brainwashed" into thinking China is a great place, that it is a fun way to live, they will be like the Chinese today who have no idea what it means to live in freedom. We are headed that way under the current administration and it scares me to death. Read comments about what Chinese learn about Mao and you will see this reflected in the books your child will be reading:

Please contact Sean Hannity at Hannity@foxnews and ask him to do a segment on this curricula and invite you and Kai Chen to speak on the show to raise awareness of this insidious creeping of Chinese thought into the schools.

Some arguments you can write/speak to your board about are the following:

1. The true culture of China is not evident in the curriculum. Human right abuse are not mentioned anywhere in the curriculum.

2. American Chinese teachers can teach Chinese as easily and at less cost than an ethnic Chinese one. Students complain that they cannot understand their Chinese teachers when they speak English and thus have a hard time learning.

3. Ask parents if they want their children to stand and bow to their American teachers - and like in China are never protested against, are dishonored if they ask questions, etc. i.e. the teacher is always right.

4. Ask parents if they have talked to Chinese speakers who have lived under Communism and if they have actually looked at and read every discussion, lecture, etc that will be given.

5. Ask what is the culture studies going to entail - dances, food, costuming, ceremonies, etc or will the true human rights abuse culture be presented to kids.

6. What options exist for NOT putting your child into the curriculum. Threaten to sue if this happens and follow through. It would be a shame if you had to pull him out to attend a school in another area from where you live.

7. Go to your city council and ask them to raise the question of this curriculum as your son and others who don't want to learn Chinese may be forced to move. Ask them if they can put through a law or requirement about this matter?? Let those who want this program to move themselves to another school.

Ask if any of the board members have gone to China - and at whose cost? If so, is this a violation of school board rules about accepting free gifts. Kai Chen says many are taken to China, wined and dined and men are offered women for their stay. For most educators who are lower income and who don't have this experience they are swayed by the carefully crafted experience.

Please keep in touch and consider writing a few chapters on your experience with this curricula and what your school board does and join us in doing a book on the terrible effects of international curriculum on American children. The idea is great - learn a foreign language and something about the culture of the country but the implementation is not. In International Baccalaureate, for example, one Christian girl was told to read a book with sexually graphic language in it - it took the threat of a lawsuit to make IB back down and give her an acceptable alternative.

Right now I am working on International Baccalaureate (stay away from that also) and want to expand into the Confucius Curriculum and will use your information for the article coming up in August on CC and its effect on communities.

Thanks for writing and keep up the good fight! You might consider home schooling your child or putting him in such a group where he gets individualized attention and learns in a small group.

You are to be commended on speaking up for your son and actually being involved in what he should learn. By NOT giving children play time, the school is violating the very thing that is most effective in teaching children about life - play is vitally important to children and this school is denying it. Fight for your son and see if you can find an attorney to do a pro bono suit on your behalf.

Stay in touch!

Helen Sabin

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