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中国邪恶党政的过敏高压手段来自其自知的非法性质 Illegitimacy is Basis for Chinese Regime's Over-Sensitivity and Repression

中国邪恶党政的过敏高压手段来自其自知的非法性质 Illegitimacy is Basis for Chinese Regime's Over-Sensitivity and Repression


只要中国非法党政存在一天,中国社会的病态心理与邪恶政治就会存在一天。 这是因为一个非法罪犯政治集团的首要考虑与反应是用一切邪恶手段(威吓,利诱,祈怜,欺骗,混淆,蒙蔽、、、)去抹杀否认其罪恶并维持其强权。 与美国社会与政治(政府是基于人民的,受制于人民的与服务于人民的)正相反,中国党政的基点只有一个方向:人民是基于政府(非法党政)的,受制于政府(非法党政)的与服务于政府(非法党政)的。 中国的人们一定要清楚这一点:中美之间并没有比较。 中美之间只有对照。 --- 陈凯

As long as the illegitimate Chinese party-state lasts one day, its pathological psyche and evil policies will perpetuate. This is because an illegitimate regime's first and foremost consideration regarding anything is to utilize all vicious means possible (threat, corruption, pity, deception, confusion...)to perpetuate the existence of its own power and control over the population. Opposite of what America was built upon (a government of the people, by the people and for the people), the Chinese party-state is fixed upon only one direction: a people of the government, by the government and for the government. There is no comparison between China and America. There is only contrast. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

The very nature of the Chinese party-state determines the very nature of policies of the Chinese government -- an illegitimate regime doing everything possible to maintain and perpetuate an immoral/amoral society. Over-sensitivity toward outside and extreme repressive measures toward inside are only the result of such illegitimacy. Thus resolving the central issue of illegitimacy of the Chinese government is essential to resolving all the pathological symptoms in the Chinese society.

Legitimacy of a government must satisfy two aspects - Procedual Legitimacy and Moral Legitimacy. A government must be based on the consent of the governed to be legitimate (Free election is a must). A government must be based on the absolute moral code - Truth, Justice, Liberty and Human Dignity to be legitimate (Humanity by God is a must).

Beijing Olympics, Three-Gorges Dam, Space travel, earthquake relief, military spending..., everything the Chinese regime does is to make sure that others (UN,IOC, other governments) recognize the existence (therefore the legitimacy in the criminal party-state's mind) of its evil government. Everything the party-state/regime does is to fortify the facade of a society that is void of morality and human conscience. Worse, now the Chinese zombies start to set out to devour the conscience of the world with their money, their power, their deception, their confusion, their nihilism... They set up shops (Confucian Institutes, Chinese language schools, Chinese student associations, Overseas Chinese associations...) to spread their version of what the world should be.

The world, the West must wake up to this immanent Chinese threat - a threat that says a government by the guns and violence is an acceptable form of governance, that says the evil regime is not evil, only different. The world must wake up from its own stupor of moral confusion, instigated mostly by the left from the West that says there is no clash of good/evil but only "clash of civilizations". The world must wake up to a new round of "cold war" between the Oriental Nihilism/Despotism and Western Democracies.

The Chinese people must wake up from their thousands of years of stupor of moral nihilism/confusion. They must realize the historical fact that no country (from Roman Empire to Nazi Germany to USSR)in the world will maintain itself only by the power of guns and violence(along with cultural narcotics to make moral-corruption addicts). A country, in order to last, must first establish its moral foundation based on human conscience - God. China's future must be based on the notion that a nation must NOT be above God, must NOT pretend to be God, but UNDER God. America is the first nation with a constitution based on the moral compass:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are CREATED (not born)equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights, among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS."

America is the first country established with meaning based on a moral code. The future Chinese society must do the same - base itself on the eternal and universal human values of TRUTH, JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND DIGNITY (真理,正义,自由,尊严). China's future will never be rested upon China's past which is based only on power and mysticism. The Chinese people must wake up from their thousands of years of stupor of despotism and come back to humanity and human freedom. China must be a legitimate nation under God and the fundamental moral principles if the Chinese will ever earn respect from themselves and the world.

Take care. Kai Chen 陈凯

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