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陈凯在美国国会的证词 Kai Chen's Testimony in US Congress


陈凯在美国国会的证词  Kai Chen's Testimony in US Congress 

Testimony on the Issue of Cultural and Political Infiltration and Contamination from China’s Communist Regime via “Confucius Institutes/Confucius Classrooms”

Witness: Kai Chen   email:  

March 28, 2012 Washington DC, United States Congress

Dear United States Congressmen and Congresswomen:

Before we examine the issue of Confucius Institutes/Confucius Classrooms, we must be very clear about the nature of the regime we are dealing with: China is not a normal nation-state. China is a despotic communist Party-Dynasty.

As a free man and a citizen of the United States, as a person who witnessed the atrocities and crimes against humanity under China’s communist regime, as a person who participated and witnessed both 1976 and 1989 Tiananmen Square Incidents, as a person who is keenly aware of communist infiltration and contamination upon the world in an unprecedented scale by the Chinese regime economically, culturally, politically and spiritually, I am deeply concerned about the future of the United States and the future of the free world. Therefore, I have done and will continue to do what I can to fight the increasing cultural degeneration and degradation in this land I love. Exposing the evil of Confucius Institutes/Confucius Classrooms the Chinese regime has instituted in the US and around the world is only a part of my moral duty.

I have been engaged in a protest over the establishment of a Confucius Classroom in Hacienda La Puente Unified School District in California, with funding, staff and material of the Classroom provided by the Chinese communist regime, since the later part of 2009. I was also involved in a protest over the same propaganda program by the Chinese communist regime at Socrates Academy of Charlotte, North Carolina. In both cases, we (the protesters consisted mostly of the students’ parents and I) succeeded in making the school authorities deny the funding from the Chinese government. But the poisonous material provided by the Chinese Consulate and Han Ban (the main arm of the Chinese government to spread this insidious program in the US and around the world) still finds its way into the students’ language program. Some dubious teachers with questionable background are also able to teach in such a program.

Through the protest and extensive investigation (both through examination of email records of communication between Han Ban and the US school officials and through examination of the material provided by the Chinese government), I have made the following observation and conclusion:

The channels and tactics of how the Chinese government implements Confucius Institutes/Classrooms in America and the free world:

1. Free funding, free training of staff, free (propaganda) material.

Han Ban provides the starter fund for free - $30,000 for Confucius Classroom (middle/high school level), with more money for Confucius Institutes (college level). It also provides trained staff and teaching material for free. It offers to train teaching staff, free of charge, for the program (Confucius Classroom) on the Mainland China.

2. Fringe benefits for those who are willing to implement Confucius Institutes/Confucius Classrooms.

Han Ban offers free trips to China for the school districts’ officials in America and around world. Once in China, the US officials receive “red carpet” treatment including free sightseeing, banquets, reception by higher Chinese officials, first class hotels, dubious services including women, etc. Most American officials, just ordinary civil servants who have no privileges in a free society, are unable or unwilling to resist the special treatment in China with privileges and luxuries unseen in their lives. The very elevated social status alone corrupts many.

3. Identify those in the US school/college authorities who are friendly to China, especially those with or intending to have business ventures (money making ventures for private interests) with China, such as travel agencies and others.

Using Confucius Institutes/Classrooms as pretense and launch pad to establish profitable business connections for private parties in the US official ranks is not uncommon. Corrupt US officials are most likely recruits for the communist regime’s infiltration program. In the Hacienda La Puente School District, not only did some officials use Confucius Classroom to organize tourists for money-making ventures, but also made efforts to apply for J visa status for the school district to attract the Chinese mainland students (note: Selling US visa with US school invitation is a big business in China, with profit untraceable by the US authorities.)

4. Recruiting potential Chinese intelligence agents via implementation of Confucius Institutes/Classrooms.

The Confucius Institutes/Classrooms are ideal grounds for the Chinese communist regime to recruit intelligence agents in the US business, military, educational and political institutions. Those officials with Chinese/Asian background are especially vulnerable to such overtures. For example, in the Hacienda La Puente School District, with three of five board members being of Chinese descent, the tactic for the Chinese regime is to use racial conflicts (many students in the district are of Hispanic background) and scare tactic, such as accusing those who oppose the communist program being racists. They use scare tactic to attract Asian/Chinese votes to maintain majority on the school board. One of the school board members (Norman Hsu – an elected US official) even wrote a note to a Han Ban official in Chinese, claiming he owes loyalty to his ancestral land – China.

The insidious and poisonous effects and results of Confucius Institutes/Classrooms for the US and the free world:

1. The legitimization of an illegitimate and criminal communist regime – a Party Dynasty that has devoured lives of millions of innocent people and is continuing to commit anti-humanity crimes and atrocities.

In the material Han Ban provides to the Confucius Classroom program, the despotic/tyrannical symbols of the Chinese regime are everywhere.

Example: The Chinese map with the title “People’s Republic of China” is with borders that includes Taiwan, Tibet, South China Sea with many disputed territories. The Chinese flag that symbolizes despotism and tyranny with a connotation of unconditioned submission/surrender of individual rights/freedom to the communist authority is central to legitimization of the Chinese regime. The photo of Tiananmen Square with Mao’s portrait and communist slogans is to normalize the image of the biggest mass murderer in human history and to numb people’s moral judgment with a moral relativism and cultural equivalencies. Any mention of Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 is strictly forbidden in Han Ban’s teacher training program. Anyone who is associated with anti-communist activities, such as Falungong practitioners, is strictly excluded from employment for the Confucius Classroom language program. Every bill of the Chinese currency (Renminbi) has Mao’s image on it. Through such a ubiquitous repetition and reinforcement, the world conscience is numbed and eventually eliminated. As a result, anti-humanity tyranny is recognized as just another form of government, no different from any elected legitimate one in the free world. Above 90% of Chinese students, from primary schools to colleges have no idea what Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 is. They cannot recognize the image of the “Tankman”. Above 90% China’s economic assets are controlled by the princelings – sons and daughters of Chinese communist officials. These facts and China’s true history of communist atrocities are entirely omitted in the Confucius Institutes/Classrooms programs.

2. Contamination of American educational, business and political culture.

Confucianism is not a philosophy but a despotic ideology/doctrine. It is an oppressive behavior code established and propagated by the dynastic despots for centuries. The very mention of Confucius and Confucianism is to negate morality with a strict artificial and arbitrary social hierarchy. Unquestioned authoritarian power is to be strictly obeyed. The social order established by the power of guns and threat of torture and death to anyone who dares to questions it is to be strictly observed. People in the society are categorized by race, age, gender, social status, trade, education, etc. into a rigid class-based pyramid. Individuals are thus permanently diminished and destroyed. Without independent individuals in China, rights and freedom cannot exist. In the Hacienda La Puente School District, I witnessed, first hand, how the Confucius Classroom diminishes American students into robotic, authoritarian tools to serve the interests of those in power. The board members exhibit anti-American behavior, acting as the dictators to chastise the audience in the school board meetings. Certain board members even use Chinese-background high school students as lackeys to advance their agendas, much like what Mao did during the Cultural Revolution.

3. China is not a nation-state. China is a despotic communist Party-Dynasty.

The Chinese regime’s intention to use Confucius Institutes/Classrooms to castrate moral decency of the world and humanity, to legitimize a criminal enterprise has not been adequately exposed, analyzed, opposed by the leaders and authorities of America and the free world. To equate China as a normal country with any other in the free world by the US authorities is a big mistake with serious moral, cultural and political implications. I only wish there were another Ronald Reagan who would have the courage and wisdom to define the nature of such a regime (labeling the USSR as an Evil Empire). Only when the US government authorities recognize the reality as such that China is an illegitimate and criminal Party-Dynasty, we can start to address the specific issues, such as Chinese communist infiltration and contamination onto the American cultural and political landscape with effectiveness and efficiency.

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