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New Book - Mao's Great Famine 新书介绍:毛的大饥荒



毛共的反人类罪行一定要被完整的揭露与正视。 所有的共产罪犯一定要被推上历史与道德的法庭。 上苍是绝不会允许道德上的瞎子与健忘症患者抹杀真实历史、纵容罪犯屠夫的。 道德与真知的赤字已在华语系群体中越积越大。 华语系人们偿还道德债、历史债的日子不会太远了。

Kai Chen's Words:

The anti-humanity crimes by Mao and the Chinese communist party, with acquiescence from the Chinese people, must be revealed and faced squarely in their entirety. All communist criminals must be put to trial in the court of history and human conscience. God will never allow a group of morally blind amnesiacs to continue as if nothing has happened. History must be returned to its true and integrated content. Crimes must be viewed as crimes. Moral corruption must be viewed as moral corruption. Today the moral deficit in China has been accumulating fast without curb. The Chinese will have to pay soon for all the debt caused by their own zombification.


Book Review 书评

A shocking tale of the Chinese draconian hell


September 28, 2010


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This review is from: Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962 (Hardcover)

Frank Dikotter has written a masterpiece about history's greatest monster amd mass murderer ever to have lived.

To be precise, he describes the massed and forcible collectivization of the Chinese peasants who paid a horrible price in the process: over 45 million of them died in addition to the many more tens of millions who perished as well because of one man's mad scheme to bring change to his country,no matter what the price ought to be. This was the so-called Great Leap Forward and it happened during 4 years,between 1958-1962. To quote Dikotter: "China descended into hell. Mao Zedong threw his country into a frenzy...(which was)an attempt to catch up with and overtake Britain in less than fifteen years. In pursuit of a utopian paradise,everything was collectivized and people in the countryside were robbed of their work,their homes,their land,their belongings and their livelihood."(See Introduction)

To write this book,thousands of new documents hitherto classified were used. These came from many sources, mainly from the Office of Foreign Affairs and other provincial archives. These brutal acts caused the greatest demolition of real estate in history and one third of all housing was turned into rubble. "Homes were pulled down to make fertilizers,to build canteens,to relocate villagers,to straighten roads,to make place for a better future beckoning ahead or simply to punish thier owners".

But not all the people died of hunger. Many would suffer from common illnesses such as diarrhoea,dysentery and typhus. "Suicide reached epidemic proportions and in Puning,Guangdong,suicides were described as 'ceaseless' ;some people ended their lives out of shame for having stolen from fellow villagers."(p.304) What's more,"human flesh was traded on the black market. "A farmer who bartered a pair of shoes for a kilo of meat at the Zhangye railway station found that the package contained a human nose and several ears."(p.321) "One elderly man quietly sobbed when he recounted how,as a young boy,he and the other villagers had been forced to beat a grandmother,tied up in the local temple for having taken wood from the forest. Others were intimidated by mock trials and mock burials. People were given yin and yang hair cuts,as one half of the head was shaved off,the other not"(p.296)

Mao,albeit strong words of criticism,did not care at all about how history would judge him. To exemplify,one of his strongest critics,Liu Shaoqi,who had been totally shocked by what he had seen in his village,tried to stop the sheer madness of the Chairman. Mao had,at this point, decided to launch a reconstruction campaign also known as the Cultural Revolution,but he made sure to hound his opponent by using the Red Guards until Liu died in 1969,deprived of his medicines.

This is a tale of madness,of horror and shows to what extent dictators can use their untrammelled power in order to wreak havoc not only on others but also on their own people without even flinching. It shows how some of the leaders have lost their reason completely and have used their super-megalomanic aspirations without thinking about the price that others would pay. The names of Stalin, Ceausescu, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and the worst monster of them, Mao, will always reside in history's hall of infamy.

This book is a stunning achievement and extremely important. It reads like a thriller and the narrative will keep you breathless! Hats off,Mr.Dikotter!

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