Thursday, April 23, 2009

中国人的迷恋 - 建立完美的专制 A Chinese Obsession - Perfecting Despotism

中国人的迷恋 - 建立完美的专制 A Chinese Obsession - Perfecting Despotism


直到今天,中国的人们仍在迷恋建立一个完美的专制制度。 对个体认同、个体价值、个体责任的恐惧与逃避使得中国的人们不愿意付出争取自由的代价。 不销毁这种基于群体的、崇尚专制的文化,自由将永远摈弃中国的人们。 --- 陈凯

Even today, the Chinese have yet to yearn for freedom. What they are still obsessed with is how to establish a perfect despotism. They fear and always try to escape individual identity, individuality, individual responsibility. They fear paying the necessary price to achieve freedom. With such a culture of collectivism and despotism, freedom will forever abandon the cowardice Chinese. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

Freedom is an alien concept to a Chinese. The Chinese are just too familiar with despotism and tyranny. Confucius and other Chinese thinkers could not escape this pattern. They had devised their rhetoric always around how to build a perfect despotic society.

Freedom as a concept has never been originated from China. It only came from Western philosophers. Even today freedom as a value is not accepted by the general population in China. Most people there fear freedom, doubt freedom, despise freedom, jeer freedom, hate freedom and will do everything to escape freedom, for only one reason - they fear the individual responsibility implied in the very concept.

The Chinese also fear being alone. You seldom see a Chinese person enjoying the state of being alone. Without being alone, the concept of individuality that is essential to individual liberty forever escapes the Chinese. They simply do not want to pay the necessary price to achieve freedom.

Thus we have a forever turning Chinese despotic dynastic cycle. No one is free and happy in that cycle of tyranny. Yet the Chinese fear even more without that tyranny, for they ultimately fear all the unknown. Despotism/tyranny is the only thing they know and feel kinship to.

This is a sharp contrast to what America is about. Everything America does is based on the principle of Freedom. The earliest population from Europe came here for only one thing - Freedom to worship. Americans paid dearly for their freedom and therefore they deserve the very freedom.

Those who do not want to pay the price for freedom will never deserve having freedom. In case they are liberated by others, they will not treasure the freedom. Destroying a despotic culture and establishing a culture of freedom thus becomes the foremost task for us.

I hope you all know what we are doing here in - destroying a culture of despotism and establishing a culture of freedom.

Best. Kai Chen

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